Crystal 1

Crystal, Daughter of Posidon

Crystal is a Greek demigod, the daughter of Posidon. She found out she was a demigod on a very eventful field trip to Greece...

Early YearsEdit

Crystal has always been sort of a trouble maker. She has never made it through the school year without blowing up the bus, torching the gym, or blowing up the pool (if they had one). It doesn't help matters that whenever Crystal is in a bad mood and the school bus passes by a field of horses they find a way to get over the fence and follow her to school. After her mom died in a car crash, Crystal was passed around to different foster parents, none who ended up keeping her for more than a year. Finally, when Crystal was sent to Maine, she found the other side of herself.

Meeting Talon and MattEdit

When Crystal was in tenth grade, she had been sent to a new set of foster parents up in Maine, even though she didn't mean to flood her school. On her first day at her new school, she kept to herself, trying not to draw atention to her. During her Greek Mythology class, she had sat in the back, right next to the window. She had happened to choose the seat right next to where Talon and Matt, two demigods, sit. After the teacher anounced that they had a new student, Talon felt like there was something different about her and befriended Crystal.

To the Land of the GodsEdit

In Crystal's Greek mythology class, they had a chance to go to Greece for a field trip. After being dragged onto the plane by Talon and Matt, she sat ridged and clasped the arm rests tightly for the entire ride.